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Public Transportation & Ridesharing in Placer County, California

The future of federal and state funded transportation is looking fairly bleak due to budget and funding problems in the state of California. This means many things for those who choose to take the bus over other forms of transportation such as driving a family vehicle. The lack of funding is truly beginning to weigh on public transportation services as they will soon need to find a way to make their ends meet one way or another.

There is talk of many plans to correct these budget gaps, although there is no true plan set in place that anyone can tell.

The Forecast

Although there are many options for transportation in Placer County, California, many problems can be foreseen in the future for government funded transportation such as public buses. Other options for travel include taxi with companies like Uber who are simply one click away, however not everyone can pay the starting cost of $3.80 and the other charges that get tacked on due to distance. Although the option to shell out the extra money is tempting for many, the bus is still the cheapest option available as you can get where you need to go on $1.50 depending on bus changes.

The Plan

There are many plans that are being discussed to attempt to find money for public transportation such as raising toll road costs and creating a transportation tax to spur revenues to pay for public transit. Other plans that are in the works are similar to project Blueprint which plans to raise money to not only make better use of the transportation system but also help in conservation of the environment through reduction of vehicle trips and improving air quality. Blueprint also intends to ensure the availability of transportation and the money needed to pay for public transit is available until at least 2050 where the project can be re-evaluated for its effectiveness.


Another plan is to encourage the use of public transportation through the use of Summer Bus Pass Programs and Shuttle Services. They want to improve bicycle access to encourage more people to walk and ride bikes rather than drive cars, or use public transportation. These techniques are easy ways to help people not only get around but also help improve air quality in the area to avoid any kind of air pollution caused by an excess of drivers who are simply mulling around town. The increase in use of the public transportation system will also bring more money in to keep the buses and other forms of transportation going for years to come as the amount of government funding needed would be drastically reduced, as well as a potential reduction in DUI arrests according to Roseville Criminal Attorney Michael Rehm.

Reasons for the Sad Future

Without changes made to the budget, the various forms of transportations will suffer. Many already worry that much of the budget problems that are seen are due to politics and poor choices made by the area’s representatives. While this may be true, there are many different cities in Placer County that are trying to find remedies for the lack of money to keep the city’s transit lines open for use, according to Roseville Car Accident Lawyer. Other options that will be available regardless of the funding problems include taxi services like Uber who do not use government funding to pay for their services, but rather turn a profit on their own. Although these options are much more expensive than public transit, without a proper plan in place for the entirety of Placer County, California the public transportation system will go to the wayside leaving people with only the option of taxi or carpooling to get around.

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